TROOP 67 "The Flag Troop" History
Boy Scout Troop 67 of Nichols, CT was founded in 1937 and celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2013.  It is known as “The Flag Troop,”  but do you know how that came to be??

Former Scoutmaster Paul Kallmeyer tells the following story. “Our troop was experiencing the 1970’s nationwide trend of a reduction in boys seeking to be Scouts. So, the Troop Committee came up with the idea to develop a special interest for the troop. Possibly two thoughts came together. 

One is the fact that Nichols is the historic roots of Trumbull, and many residents are interested in Revolutionary War events. After all, there was an encampment of a small portion of the Colonial Army in Abraham Nichols Park.  

The second thought was to get the boys to “rally around the flag.” When the troop marched in the Memorial Day Parade, there was only the American and Troop flags to hold. What if everybody could carry a flag?? So under the leadership of Bob Berthelson, the Troop Committee set out to make, not buy, a series of historical flags.”  

Over the years, the collection grew from 10 hand made flags to as many as 35 different flags. Several flags were bought because of special events and others donated.  For more details and historical significance of each flag, please read Flags of Troop 67.  

Currently, the troop continues to pride itself in always camping at “International” campsite at Camp Sequassen each summer. We carry up to 8 flags and post them at our campsite on all campouts throughout the year.  

Over the years, the Troop 67 “Flag Troop” has taken on additional flag related responsibilities for the Town of Trumbull. One example is providing a Color Guard at the Nichols Improvement Association’s annual Memorial Day Program. In addition, the troop holds an annual flag retiring ceremony in conjunction with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Town Hall. We organize and conduct a formal ceremony to properly honor and burn any old American flags given to the town by residents.

We hope you enjoyed this summary of Troop 67’s history as “The Flag Troop.”   As stated by Paul Kallmeyer, Scoutmaster in the 1980’s, “May your flags fly high and your colors gain in knowledge and experience.” 

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Boy Scout Troop 67 Celebrate 75 Years, Trumbull Times Article
by James Hopper, Troop 67 Eagle Scout 2007
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